Great film thrillers?
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The Oxford Murders was a really fun thriller to watch. Any other sleepers out there?

Here are some of the things I loved about The Oxford Murders:

- nice location in general for the movie
- long shadows in certain shots/neat locales
- the thriller aspect didn't slip into the gruesome or overly violent/bloody

I've already seen The Secret in Their Eyes, and really enjoyed that as well.

I know there's this wiki page, but it might help me flip through them a little more quickly if someone recommends one or two specific ones.

Thanks for any help here.
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Anything else by Alex de la Iglesia. La Comunidad is along the same lines and probably much better IMHO. My favorite of his films is Dia de la Bestia because, hey, how can you not love Santiago Segura and the scene shot in the building with the Schweppes lights is incredible. I'm working through his Torrente series but that may not interest you - it is silly humor!
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John Le Carre's "A Murder of Quality" is a bit bloody in one scene. The cast is great and the setting seems to fit your local preferance and there are alot of shadows.
(gonna watch it now in fact)
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It's a TV movie, but I can really recommend Citizen X. I'd link, but I'm on my phone at the mo.
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