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Are there any sites that will recommend blogs based on ones that you already like? I've seen this done for music, movies and books but I'd love one that told me, "If you like Mimi Smartypants you might like x, y or z"
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Best answer: Hunch does something like this -- for instance, their page on Metafilter identifies some related blogs: Wordsmoker, The Awl, The Consumerist, and Dinosaur Comics.
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Best answer: If you subscribe to the blogs' feeds in Google Reader, it has a "Recommended" section that I believe is based upon your subscriptions. I'm not really sure how good it is, but it's there.
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Response by poster: That was quick!

Hunch is exactly what I was picturing when I described it and the recommendations from Google Reader (which I use) are a great find. I don't know why I never checked them before.

Thanks both.
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I don't have an answer other than Flunkie's suggestion of Google Reader, but if you like Mimi Smartypants, you might like Julia.
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Although a more indirect method, looking at the delicious links of users who bookmark a site you like (or related tags) can work for this.
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Older, but runs on your server: The Ultra Gleeper.
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