Surf Music from India?
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Where can I find surf music covers from India?

In the movie "200 Cigarettes" there's a group playing surf covers (including "Walk Don't Run") on Indian instruments. I was wondering if MP3s of these covers are available anywhere.
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Oh, my heavens! I want these, too.

The only traditional Indian surf music I have is "Pipeline" on one of the Rhino Records rarities collections. (Googles.) Yes, by "the Bombay Beach Boys" which was apparently some Rhino staffers doing a one-off.

The IMdB credits only list the folks from Girls Against Boys as "Bar Band (uncredited)" so I suppose the actual movie credits are no help. Randall Poster was apparently the music supervisor...
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You might try emailing the folks at Saregama Records, one of the biggest recording labels out of India, and asking them. I found a funky cover of the Chariots of Fire song, in their catalog, during some random searches years back.
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O M G. I want these too, in the worst way. If anyone has any more luck than I just
had (which was zero,) please let me know. I tried Shrimati's in Berkelely, YouTube for the
movie soundtrack clips, googled my brains far, no real hits.

In an unrelated note, I am still kicking myself for not going into a Vancouver, B.C. storefront many years ago to try to find out who was doing the (mandarin? cantonese?) cover of
"My Sharona."
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I have a compilation called Bollywood Steel Guitar. It's classic themes from Hindi language films, and a lot of the music is very, very surf-ish. Artists on the compilation include Charanjit Singh, S. Hazarasingh, Sunil Ganguly, Van Shipley, and some guy with the first name Anirudh whose full details got lost that time I tried to batch edit all my Ani DiFranco stuff by typing "Ani" into the metadata menu's "artist" field.

Maybe that helps? Or at least maybe expands your horizons to something in a similar vein that you might like?
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