Selling zipped files
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How do I sell a large zipped file on the Web?

I'm looking for a platform that would allow me to sell a large file (a few hundred MB, containing a variety of file types) from the Web. The ideal platform would grant access for downloading after a credit card were authorized. Does such a platform exist?
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Maybe try Clickbank?
I've never sold on it personally, but judging from the volume of products it can't be too bad.

Also, it can give you something to google, such as "clickbank alternatives".
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Some of these options from a previous AskMe will work.
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If you have a little site-building savvy, you could try using Joomla CMS with the Virtuemart extension. I believe it has a built-in function for handling pay-for-download files.
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I've purchased from various sites who use PayLoadz - which is mentioned in the thread BurntHombre linked - without any problems.
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Hosting company Dreamhost has a service called Files Forever which might meet your requirements.

For a small fee they host a large file for you, provide secure access to it for paying customers, and maintain an access database for your clients.
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