iTunes: What's a low WTF way to write scripts for questions like "What songs are only on my iPod"?
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Specifically: How can I write a script to find out what songs are on my iPod that aren't in my MacBook iTunes library? And, more generally: What's a convenient and low-WTF scripting languge/library/bridge for iTunes/mp3 scripting needs on OS X?

I'd strongly prefer one of the open and ubiquitous scripting languages (Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, etc), but I'll consider other stuff.
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If you want to directly control iTunes, you need to use AppleScript. Many examples are here.
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I don't necessarily want to control iTunes directly, but I definitely want to be able to query & update my library, playlists, and iPod.
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Well, there's this module for Perl, but it looks read-only.
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Any scripting language can be used to parse the XML iTunes Library file, but I think Applescript would be easiest as you can just query iTunes.

Also, not sure how you are going to get a list of music that's on your iPod.
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You can use iRip to back up your iPod to a folder, then just use diff, I expect.

I've had 2 hard drive catastrophes in the past year and had to use it twice to restore from iPod.
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Oh, and once you get a unified library, you can use the "sync only checked songs" feature to keep a subset on your iPod when you sync.
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Either Applescript as mentioned above or peruse Lots of stuff already there.
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