commercial VPN host?
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I'm retiring soon (Yay!) and will probably lose access to my current employer's vpn host (boohoo). Are there commercial vpn hosts available? Would I want to use one?

When I travel and have to use wifi (or wired network) in a motel or restaurant, I will connect to my employer's vpn host when going to my bank or credit card site, or to look at email.

When I leave this job at the end of January, I will probably not have access to this vpn host.

What options do I have? Google doesn't help at all (probably my own inability to ask the right question is the real problem.)

So, what do you use? I take my laptop with me, so I'm not looking to set up my own home vpn host. I live near Boston, MA, if that's relevant. (I think not, but maybe you do? Convince me.)

There's a slim chance I might be able to negotiate continued access to the host I use now, but want to cover my bases if that doesn't happen.
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Best answer: I use Hide IP VPN and am quite happy with them. Hidemyass was molasses slow.
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Best answer: I use the personal VPN from, and love it. I use it for privacy over public wifi, and also so I can appear to be in other countries to get around certain region restrictions. It's been fast enough for me to stream media without stuttering.
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Chances are the router you use at home has a VPN server built into it so you can VPN back to your home, even if you take your laptop with you.
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Best answer: StrongVPN, Astrill, and 12VPN are all common choices of those of us behind the GFW, for which a VPN is the only way to get around it. All should be more than enough for your needs.
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Best answer: I use StrongVPN and I'm very happy with them. It's fast enough that I can watch streaming video (on youtube, hulu, etc) without any problems, and I don't notice the speed being any slower than when I'm not connected to my VPN. I've very rarely had any downtime, but when I have, I've been able to talk to tech support within ten minutes of noticing a problem (even at ridiculous times like 3am) and have it resolved quickly.

I don't think they're the cheapest option (the package I have is currently $85 a year), but I think they're definitely worth the money.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks. I'll have a look at these.
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