A cleaner Kindle cover.
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Is the fabric interior of Amazon's Kindle cover washable?

Impending vacation here, with possible hours spent on the beach and roaming in the woods. I'm planning on bringing my Kindle, along with its leather Kindle cover, but I'm concerned about removing dirt, dust, smudges and sand when I get back.

Not from the outside of the cover, which is slick leather and appears to be eminently cleanable. From the soft, velvety inside. Assuming that this fabric will be exposed to the elements (and dirty fingers), will I be able to clean it--and return it to its original state? If the answer's "yes," how might I best approach this project? What cleaning agents and tools should I be prepared to use?
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I haven't needed to do anything to mine yet, but I plan to limit cleaning to a careful wipe with a slightly damp sponge: maybe a tiny tactical dab of soap if really necessary.
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I've washed mine. I remove the Kindle from the cover and use a wet soapy cloth to clean the cover inside and out, then another wet cloth to rinse it. Then I let it air dry. It still feels soft, and looks fine.

I vaguely recall that I even washed it under running water in the sink without visible harm -- but that may have been my previous generation Kindle cover.
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Just vacuum it.
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I agree with the previous poster that unless you spill jam on it or something, vacuuming or a clothing brush/lint roller should take care of things.
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