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I'm going to Myanmar for a few days and will be applying for a tourist visa. I will not be working there...

I'm a freelance photographer and have a lot of lively looking ink in my passport from places like Congo and Indonesia. A few countries from recent trips are even Business multi-entry visas. A work history form is required by Myanmar for them to issue the visa. I'm imagining my profession might raise flags. Have you been there recently? Suggestions?
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I don't have an answer for you, but you might check the lightstalkers forum too.
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Best answer: Ah, yes. Myanmar is why I got my shiny clean new extra 2-year passport, courtesy of the U.S. State Department. Nice little tourist ladies who operate daycares (hey I had to put SOMETHING down on the visa application) don't have stamps from Iraq in their dirty old overstuffed passports.

Pretty easy for our sorts to get that second passport, and it comes in handy.
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Best answer: Get a new passport. I just read Everything is Broken and she talks about several aid workers she knew being denied entry during the Cyclone Nargis disaster because they had stamps from other crisis areas on their passports.
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If it's at all believable for you to say you are a wedding photographer or similar, I would encourage you to emphasize that in your employment history. The junta is not fucking around.
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Also, if you have connections in Myanmar ask them to get you in. You will probably have to talk to them in person but if they are middle-class or upper-class they can make it happen.
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Second passport for sure. If you are American, I have found the State Dept pretty okay with giving second passports for such business reasons (eg Israeli stamps when you want to go to Pakistan). A letter or two + an expeditor service ($300?) and you should be set within a week.
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