Hat stores in NYC?
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Where can I buy a nice newsboy cap or flat cap in NYC? Difficulty: I have a huge head.

I normally have little luck when it comes to hats. Last summer, though, I got lucky and found a black flat cap by Billabong that fits my giant head perfectly. Oddly enough, it says One Size Fits All on the tag. That hat is still in decent shape, but I'd like to get another in a similar style.

For Christmas my girlfriend got me a nice wool flat cap, and while the tag says Large/Xtra Large, it fits pretty snugly and is obviously a lot smaller than my old hat. We went back to the store (Lids) to try to find another, but they had nothing in any larger sizes. I've checked Billabong's website but can't find any other hats in the same style, so I'm not sure they even make them anymore.

Does anyone know of any nice hat stores that sell this style of cap? Preferably one with a variety of styles and materials. I've tried the ones sold by the guys on the street on St. Marks and other vendors like that, but they're always too small. I've also found plenty of hats online, but I'd rather be able to try it on in person before buying it rather than dealing with endlessly buying and returning hats online until I find one that fits.
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Best answer: J.J. Hat Center has hats in a variety of sizes, and the salespeople can help you find one that will fit just right. I have a big-headed Dad and a big-headed husband and both have found hats there.
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Plus, J.J. Hat Center is totally old school and cool. I was going to recommend it too. It's housed in what was the original IBM show room.
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Best answer: The Hat Store....120 Thompson St... I wear around a 7 5/8 and they had multiple options, plus something that sounds like what you are looking for... Bonus is some of their hats are actually made locally. Only caveat is they aren't super cheap... plan on at least $50, but the girls that own it deserve it.

....They will also size you & have a machine that will stretch hats that fit slightly small.
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The Hat Store is great. they have the flat caps you are looking for - i also have a big head and found that they had stuff to fit me - probably about a 59-60 cm head. I bought several.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks! I'll definitely stop by both places.
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Also check out The Fedora Lounge: the forums (fora?) there are full of hat nerds who love to help. (I have an Akubra that I bought after reading there for a while, and I am very happy.)

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