Why the 225 lb bench?
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Why do football scouting combines use 225 lbs as the weight to bench press? What is the significance of 225 lbs? Is it just some historical leftover?
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Best answer: The number comes from the combination of four standard 45 lb weight plates combined with a 45 lb bar. Why the gear hasn't ever been rounded off (bumping everything to 50, say) I don't know.
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I thought they let a potential do as many repetitions as possible on a lower weight set and use a formula to convert it to max weight and number of repetitions if equal to 225lbs. I think it's for safety reasons.

And what ChuqD said.
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20kg=44 lb. Given casting tolerances on most weights, might as well shoot for a nice round 45 lb. Least, that's how I figure. What ChuqD said on four plates plus bar=225.
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225lbs = about 100kg (102.05828), which is a nice round number.
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