Car lover visiting Los Angeles; is there an automotive mecca I should see while I'm here?
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I love cars, particularly European classics, but modern and US cars too (though not the Japanese tuning scene). I'm in Los Angeles until January 22nd; is there an event or place that is a 'must see' while I'm here?
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If you're willing to travel just a little further, you could consider heading to Phoenix for the Barrett-Jackson auto auction/show. It's about a seven hour drive or so, and a short and often inexpensive flight.

I went several years ago and saw some cars I never thought I'd see outside of movies or the occasional museum exhibit.
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There is a fairly comprehensive list here. I can't find any "must see" classic car event from other sources for the dates you need. January isn't a great time anywhere for car events.

Sources: 1, 2, 3
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Petersen Automotive Museum (I've never been there, but it's the first thing that pops into mind).
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The Petersen Automotive Museum.
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The Automobile Driving Museum. On Sundays, they offer rides in some of the cars.
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The quality of the Peterson is very much dependent on what their special exhibit is. Their permanent collection is sorta meh. The Nethercutt Collection is amazing.
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The Natural History Museum (which used to be affiliated with the Petersen) recently started to open up their car collection to the public on certain days - you can read about it here. Most of this collection was kept in storage, unseen, at the Petersen for many years. It's a pretty SoCal-centric collection (and when last I saw it, was in a sad state of neglect) but something you sill not likely see anywhere else.

Looks like tours are on the first Friday of each month - that would mean this Friday is your chance!
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If OC isn't too hard to get to: Cars and Coffee
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