The ironic part is these probably avoid pains in the neck, but shopping for them is giving me one.
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Where can I buy a couch neck rest and how much are they supposed to cost?

I was in Ikea this weekend with the girlfriend and we saw this: LINK

We tried it out on our home's model of the ikea couch in the showroom and it sort of worked. But a couple of things:

1) It was the wrong color
2) It wasn't very long so we'd need two of them.
3) It was 158 bucks without tax for two of them.

What I'd like is something similar. Though not necessarily exactly like it. For one thing we've got a bookcase right behind the couch so, in theory, we could just have a long pillow without the metal supports. I'd like the supports mind you, but it's no deal breaker.

Also since we're unlikely to match the exact leather of the couch, we could also get one in cloth and not leather and match the throw pillows. I've been trying to search for one but coming up with more of those airplane neck pillows than anything else. Which leads me to believe it probably has a specific name I don't know. So here's the questions:

1) What's the name for this?
2) How much do they usually cost?
3) Where do you get them?
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The word you're looking for is bolster.

There were tons of them in the 2011 Ikea catalogue. Maybe there are some there that you didn't see in the store?
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Response by poster: Bolster. Never in a million years would I have come up with that.
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