Set-top boxes that support a proxy server?
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Are there any Netflix-compatible streaming video devices (not PCs) that support proxy server/IP spoofing?

I want my TV to connect to Netflix from outside the US. On my PC, it's fairly simple to set up connections to go through a proxy server in the US. Are there any streaming video set-top boxes (Apple TV, Roku, etc.) that either support the use of proxy servers, or can be easily hacked to support them?
Bonus question: If not, is a Mac Mini a good alternative, i.e. is it easy to use as a media streaming box?
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Best answer: You can set up a proxy on your router to redirect requests from that IP to the proxy server.
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Response by poster: Thank you empath! I didn't realise it could be done at the router level. I'll look in to how to set that up.
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Bearing mind that your contract with Netflix likely prohibits this...
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I've used Identity Cloaker to look as if I'm coming from another country on my Mac Mini. I use Plex as my media streaming app.
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