How can I import .csv file of contacts into GMail and overwrite groups?
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Is it possible to import a list of contacts into GMail contacts using a .csv file and have the groups in my contracts trump what's in Google?

In my GMail, I have a number of groups and my contacts are assigned to one or more of these groups.

From an Excel file on my PC, I can generate a .csv file and import it into my contacts. If an entry already exists in GMail contacts for one of the rows in the .csv file, it will take the fields in the .csv file and use that data to replace the corresponding fields in GMail.

For the .csv file, I use the same headers and formats that I got by initially exporting my list in Outlook format (which works better for my needs than Google format).

That works for the most part. The problem I have is with the "Categories" field. When I do the import, if an existing contact is assigned to any new categories (which translates into a group in GMail), then they will be added to those categories. The problem is if an existing contact belongs to a category (group) in GMail, and in the .csv file, in the categories field, that category is not listed, it DOESN'T REMOVE that contact from that category in GMail... it leaves it there.

Is there any way for what I have in the categories field in my .csv file to totally trump what's already in GMail contacts rather than just be additive?
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I don't think so. Have you thought about deleting all the contacts after you've exported? That way, when you import, there won't be this issue of what trumps what.
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