latin song in "Waiting for Guffman?"
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Is there a full recording for "Ya no quiero la tortilla" from Waiting for Guffman?

In Waiting for Guffman, there's a scene where Corky (Christopher Guest) is moping in the bathtub and listening to the radio. To the best of my ability, I can only make out the following lyrics:

"Ya, no quiero la tortilla


at which point it cuts off.

Is anyone aware if there is more to this song, or if this was just a throwaway bit?
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There's a small thread about it in the IMDB forums. One poster says the words are: "ahora ya hablo inglés, me visto de traje; ya no quiero las tortillas... prefiero un café..." ("I now speak english, I wear a suit; no longer want tortillas... I prefer a coffee..."). Another poster speculates that it's just something jokey they made up for the movie.
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