Weird BSOD on Acer Aspire 3100 Laptop
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Picking up Acer Aspire 3100 Notebook causes blue screen of death!

So here is the deal. I think I've got a bad solder joint on my motherboard, but I wanted to ask the world's opinion first.

My notebook will blue screen of death on me if I pick it up from the left, front side of the notebook, or pretty much move it at all. After which the POST screen tells me I have a bad hard drive or cable. Sliding out the hard drive and re-seating it will solve the problem until the laptop gets picked up and moved again.

I have ruled out a faulty hard drive as I can recreate the problem exactly with another drive.

That leaves me thinking it's the hard drive connector shorting its self out because of a bad solder joint to the mother board. At least that's my guess. What does the Ask Nation think?

I'd think the solution would be to replace the motherboard, but it would cost about $100 on ebay and just isn't worth it.
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A bad solder joint can be easily reflowed with a soldering iron...that is, if it can be found. Otherwise, you can find a shop with a reflow oven and have them try that. That's how my PS3 was repaired.
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