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I have plantar fasciatis and have been advised by my PT not to walk anymore than I absolutely have to. My commute includes a 5.5 block walk to/from the ferry everyday. I want to get a Razor-type scooter. What kind is best? What should I avoid? Thanks!
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I love my Xootr!

I ride with my kids all the time. It folds up, but not really small like a Razor

Highly recommended. I bought mine on ebay for a good discount.
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I have no idea what a "razor=type" scooter is. I ride a Honda Beat (which may be called something else in the States, its about 125cc) and like it. BUT Kawasaki makes one I think is better designed as the gas tank is not under the seat and the compartment under the seat looks like it just MIGHT be big enough for a helmet.
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What's your PT's rationale? I ask because I had p.f. too, and was told it entirely doesn't matter whether you walk on it or not. Yes, it hurts to, but I was given to understand that you are not likely to further inflame the connective tissues by walking. I treated it through lots of gentle stretching and continued to walk, jog, and work standing on my feet throughout. It subsided in about a year. Part of it may have been that I lost 20 pounds during that year and thus put less stress overall on my feet, but it seems that this is a condition which is just acute for a while, and then subsides on its own.
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Are you sure that a scooter is really the best thing for it? I'm not totally sure that it would ease the pressure/pain, since pushing off on the scooter would seem to add more pressure. I'm not a PT or MD though, so maybe try one out first.
posted by fionab at 10:27 AM on April 13, 2005 seems that this is a condition which is just acute for a while, and then subsides on its own.

Well, wank.

Any ideas on how to cope? Because I was diagnosed with it a couple of years ago, it got better, and now it's back.
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Thanks to all of you for your answers. I should have been more specific that I was looking for a push-type scooter.
Regarding whether or not this is a Good Thing:
I've cleared it with my PT, who says that it will put far less pressure on my heel (where my p.f. is bothering me). Contrary to Miko's PT, mine says that walking will definitely aggravate it. My own anecdotal evidence supports that too. I've started icing more aggressively, and my PT gave me some new exercises to do. Losing weight would be a Very Good Thing, since that would take a lot of stress of my poor little feet. I've promised myself I'll hit the pool soon. In the meantime, walking (even with a cane) aggravates it, so I'm really trying to eliminate my longest daily walk.
The Xooter looks great - nice wide footplank and all, but also pretty spendy. There's a store that sells them in Seattle, so I'll go take a look.
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