How do I attach this faceplate to my phone?
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Help me figure out how to attach this faceplate to this phone. (Samsung 660)

There were no directions with the faceplate; obviously high quality. I have Googled, checked for FAQs, tried everything imagineable. I just want to use this stupid thing.
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the first link says you need a phillips screwdriver to install the faceplate. Have you searched the back and sides of the flip-lid for screws? They are often concealed by small like-colored covers or rubber tabs.
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If you flip the screen up, there are two little ovals at the bottom corners of the screen-side (right above the hinge, one at each end). I just confirmed that those are the stickers that pmbuko was talking about, and if you pull them off, there's a screw under each one. Now to see if I can stick it back on.
Thanks for the link...I've got the same phone, and might have to look into one of those...
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I should have been more detailed: I already removed the stickers and the screws. I couldn't get the current body off the phone, and the new faceplate does not simply snap on over it.
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ok, got it now...once you've removed the screws (as you have) take a small screwdriver or something and run it gently through the seam/crack near where each screw just came out of. just use that to gently pry off the back (it'll feel like it "pops" a coule times on each side...that's ok, it's just the clasps separating, not anything breaking). once you have the whole thing separated, gently, lift if off.

hopefully, that'll help you out...I just popped mine off myself (and even managed to get it all back together), so feel free to contact me if you have any further questions (e-mail's in the profile).
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