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Can you recommend some sexy, titillating, frank, and intelligent sex-related podcasts? Maybe with a kinky bent, even. Queer-friendly a must.

I know about Dan Savage (and I like him), but I'm not really looking for an advice-column type podcast. I'm more interested in interviews, product reviews, essays, stories, how-tos, etc. I don't mind a factual Q&A format, but advice doesn't interest me.

I'm queer, so a homophobic or straight-only format would be a total turn-off. But, at the same time, I'm not particularly interested in a podcast dealing with "queer issues" outside of sex--identity politics only interest me on, like, alternate Tuesdays. And I sleep with both men and women (I'm a dude), so I don't know that something explicitly gay-oriented would really hold my interest for long.

Playboy Radio on Sirius is pretty much exactly what I'm not looking for: call-in shows oriented toward vanilla frat boys who think the height of sexual adventure is "two girls at the same time".

It'd be super nice if it had a kinky/BDSM slant. I'm totally down for extremely explicit content.
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I have heard good things about Submission and Coffee.
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I think you might enjoy Audio Smut.

From their site: Audio Smut is a racy radio show exploring the vast terrain of sexuality. We are a feminist collective of sex positive activists who are committed to finding creative ways of challenging notions of decency. We’re here to shake things up, moan in your ears, and provoke your inner pervert.
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Open Source Sex by Violet Blue might hold your interest. I am at work so I will not link it but you can look it up. It seems to be on iTunes now.
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Violet Blue's Podcasts should fit the bill. Her website, TinyNibbles is awesome.
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Sex Is Fun
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Seconding Sex is Fun.
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Response by poster: These are great, except that Submission and Coffee doesn't seem to work... all of the links forward to an Amazon product page.

Is there an alternate location?
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Seconding Audio Smut! I met some of the lovely people behind that program at a cafe in Montreal.
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Damn, I'm sorry, Netzapper, I had that bookmarked for later listening and simply didn't double-check my links. Dollie Llama and Thorndaddy's sites seem to be down too-- Twitter says they are moving so perhaps they are rearranging their hosting services as well. Submission and Coffee does seem to be widely available as a torrent, however, so perhaps check at your favorite torrent site?
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The Masocast! It is so awesome. Old ones that are still there but have a really annoying overseriousness about them are the leather radio network and power in practice. The old ones with dossie easton are great on leather radio network. Dungeon place and the sadist podcasts, these are both from utah, are ok but really silly sometimes.
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