Ink in Zurich?
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I am visiting Zurich and want to purchase some fountain pen ink. I meant to bring some with me but at the last minute putting it in my luggage seemed like a mistake. The only ink I can find here is Caran D'Ache. Are there any retailers in and around Zurich with a broad selection of fountain pen ink?

My pen of choice is a Visconti which does not take cartridges, so the ink will have to be in bottle. Thanks!
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Alternatively the yellow pages and the term 'Schreibwaren' (stationery) ought to help you find stockists of bottled ink. Suggest you call some and ask what ink they stock.
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Response by poster: I ended up searching on the Fountain Pen Network specifically and found Landolt-Arbenz. It was exactly what I was looking for and I was able to get some re-branded Noodler's ink.
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