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I'm looking for a sticker material that comes on a roll of waxy paper.

Many years ago, one of my drawing teachers gave me a sheet of something she described as "goodee-oh" ("oo" pronounced as in "food") that came off a roll. It was sticky on one side and could peel off on the other.

If you wanted to make a sticker of something, you just stuck it down to the sticky side of the "goodee-oh", cut it out, and peeled off the back. I got the feeling that the name was Japanese, but none of my tries at spelling this have gotten any Google results. Does anyone know either what this stuff was, or where I can get something exactly like it? Thank you very much.
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Xyron has products for making stickers.
posted by soelo at 2:35 PM on December 28, 2010

Response by poster: The other advantage of this stuff was that the roll was like 11 inches wide.
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Sicker paper?
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Response by poster: No, that stuff you have to print on. What I'm describing is more like a layer of sticky on a piece of wax paper. You put whatever you want on it, cut around it, and peel the back off.
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Best answer: Was it studio tac?
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Response by poster: I think that's pretty much it, Sara C., but I'd still like to know if anyone knows what the stuff I'm talking about was, or where I could get it. Thank you!
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Best answer: Maybe the "goodee-oh" word your teacher used was a particular brand name? The product itself is generically known as "double-sided adhesive paper" or "double sided adhesive film" (googling for both of those terms brings up lots of shopping results -- maybe you'll find a brand that sounds like the word your teacher used).
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Response by poster: Gasp! Found it! Thanks, amyms and Sara C.!
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Response by poster: Man, this has been bugging me for like 16 years.
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