balmain watches?
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Anyone know about 'Balmain' watches? I'm trying to figure out what price range this might have been bought at last year, I don't have a model number and the manual just says "ETA G15.211" which I think is the internal quartz movement. image

I know it's not a 'watchmaker' brand but I'm trying to figure out if it's "nice" or not :) I'm happy with it though either way
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Going by the quality of their catalog, the fact that the price is not mentioned anywhere, and that Balmain is a very famous fashion designer, I would say very nice.
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Yeah I would guess you're in the 3 or 4 figure range based on other watches that popped up in a google shopping search for balmain watch, but most of those had diamonds.
Balmain is a very hip designer now, as francesca said.
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Balmain is a Swiss "watchmaker" brand, in the sense that the watch brand is owned by the Swatch Group, and is marketed by them as a "middle range" brand, next to Tissot and Certina.

Your watch looks a bit like this one, priced at 790 Swiss Francs ( = U.S. $830).
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Thanks for the information that was very helpful!

So I figure in my mind if there's a set of ranges along these lines:

Stage 1: nicer than usual, dress/fashion brand watches, $500+
Stage 2: rolex, etc, $2000-$6000
Stage 3: jaeger lecoultre, etc.

I've comfortably landed in Stage 1 with this and beyond that shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

As for the brand in general, yeah I did figure out in my basic research that it's in a resurgence in terms of fashionability
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ETA is an ebauche manufacturer; you are correct about that being the movement. It is disposable and any repairs are done by just buying a new one.

The value in this watch comes from the shiny, stylish (to some) appearance and any prestige associated with the name. The internals are not technically interesting or beautiful, like a JLC or (to a lesser extent) a Rolex with an in-house mechanical movement made to high technical and aesthetic standards.
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