Why can't I find any proper Counter-Strike servers?
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Why can't I find any proper Counter-Strike servers?

For a couple of years now, I have had the worst luck in finding Counter-Strike servers. At some point, my in-game server list dropped from 10,000+ legitimate servers to a much, much smaller list of only a few hundred servers, mostly full of bots and many running ZombieMod or other modified forms of gameplay. No matter how many times I tried to refresh my server list, I could never just find a regular old CS server with standard (or close to standard) rules with actual people playing. I knew that these servers still existed, because I would occasionally see my friends joining games, and I could follow them into games and add those servers to my favorites list. I have been surviving on under 20 favorite servers now for a few years, but I would like to branch out.

I knew my problem was not universal because my friend who just got the game had no problem finding good servers (only recently have I heard of someone having a similar problem). I used to think that my problem was my ISP since my cable Internet was going straight to my computer at that time. I moved since then and still am faced with the same problem, now with DSL and a different ISP. I've tried changing my routing and port settings, but nothing seems to bring up a proper list. I recently tried on another computer which has a different operating system and a different ISP. On that computer, I saw a few hundred legitimate-looking servers, but on closer examination many had the same IP addresses with only different ports or slightly different numbers. When I tried joining a number of them, they all redirected me to the same server, which is a problem one of my friends has with finding servers.

It feels like if it is not one problem it is another. If there is no way to fix my in-game search, is there a better way of finding Counter-Strike servers that isn't through Steam? Even if I'm stuck with this problem, please post some of your favorite CS server IP's to give me some more options. Thanks.
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This isn't so much an answer as an affirmation that you're not alone - A couple years ago on a Comcast connection I had the same issue. One thing to try is to open up the server browser within Steam (without the app open) and try to browse that way. There are also several server tracking services you can use to rip the IP out of (console command "connect ip) and join into manually... Try gametracker
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Make sure you don't have anything down at the bottom as filters for what map you are on, latency, location, VAC, etc. I've overlooked having a filter on before.
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I remember having this problem when I was using DSL. I think the steam server browser sends out too many requests and times out waiting for everything to respond which results in only a few servers in the list.

A quick search on google "steam server browser flood" comes up with this link at steam forums: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1578319.

I think I had to do something similar to that when i was on the DSL connection. I do remember going into the router and playing with all sorts of settings until it started to work.

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Forgot to mention, that link isn't CS specific, but its the same principle. Server browser sends out too many requests, router starts to block the requests because it thinks it is being attacked.
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Good tries so far, but I'm still not seeing a lot of servers. Gametracker is a useful site, and I could use more sites like that. It is tedious to sift through servers manually that way, but it feels like the only way right now.

My filters are blank, and changing that firewall setting did not work, but I was really hoping it would. Any other ideas are appreciated.
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