Fun texting?
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What fun things, messages or games can I send to or play with my spouse via text?

My spouse and I have new phones and need practice to accustom ourselves to new texting systems. I'd like to make this fun. (Don't worry; we don't use the phones while driving.)
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is "sexting" the wrong answer?
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Response by poster: Not "wrong," certainly, but where I need ideas is more in the "rated G" department as I'd also like to do this with the kids (though they don't need practice--we do).
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What kind of phones? Emoji is fun.
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PBEM sentence Zendo is a good option depending on how old and scientifically minded your kids are. It works like this. You make up a rule for a sentence "example: the sentence must be in the past tense." You keep this rule to yourself. To start the game, you send out an example sentence and a counter example sentence. Ex: "The elegant gentleman ate seventeen red apples for dinner. OK." "I will do the dishes after dinner. NG." (No Good).

Your wife then sends back her own sentence, and you tell her if it follows the rule or not. She keeps sending you sentences for judgement until she thinks she has enough information, then she guesses the rule.

More information on the original (icehouse) Zendo can be found on wiki.
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My pal Will and his girl play the rhyme game. One sends a picture of, for instance, a glove. The other sends back a picture of something that rhymes with it. In this case, we got a picture of me pushing him, a shove. Etc.
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20 Questions?
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I pretend my phone is sentient and have it send worried texts to people.
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I occasionally do the fake sexting game: ie, just saying 'I am sexting you now! Sexy sex!' I have also texted from the toilet, with a couple of details to prove I am not making it up. YMMV, as I am not quite right with the world.
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This one's an old classic.
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Best answer: My boyfriend and I occasionally send funny poetry!
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