Help us fix our PS3 (BSOD)
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Several problems with PS3 and Rock Band 3 on PS3 - help? (long)

Apologies for the snowflakiness of these questions.

First problem: About every other time we start the PS3 we get the Blue Screen of Death and this error code: 80031150 - System Settings Fail to Save “Setting information is corrupted..." We hit X to reset the default settings and can then use the PS3. Sometimes it seems like the whole library is gone, other times it works fine. We have the 80G (not slim) PS3.

We are planning to backup the data and do a system restore, and have formatted an external hard drive in FAT32. And now here's the question - apparently FAT32 has a file size limit of 4MG, but some of our files are larger than that. I've heard that the PS3 backup utility breaks up the data into 4MG chunks. Is this true? Anyone have experience successfully doing a backup this way with large files?

Second problem: (This may be just related to the need to restore the PS3) All of our downloaded songs and all of our RockBand 2 songs show up in the song list, but when you click to play we get the message "Unable to load song. Skipping." We are able to play our RB1 songs. Anyone having this problem and have a fix?

Thanks much!
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Best answer: Yes, the ps3 backup manager will backup to fat32. It creates a compressed backup file which is split into 4gb chunks to fit.

As to your larger problem, its most likely a formatting issue on the drive or the hard drive is starting to fail hardware wise. Given its out of warranty, a backup and restore is the best first step. If that fails to fix your problems, you can replace the hard drive yourself with pretty much any laptop sata 2.5" drive, it's a 5 minute job.
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Response by poster: Thanks ArkhanJG - we are doing the restore now and crossing our fingers!
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Best answer: Once you've got it backed up, definitely upgrade your hard drive. 500gb 2.5 inch drives are under $100 now, and you can do a lot of stuff with that much space on a PS3. This walk-through, a new hard drive, and a USB memory stick are pretty much all you'll need.
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