How do I find someone's middle name?
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What publically available or easily obtainable records would contain someone's full middle name?

Someone I know will not tell us his middle name, making a mystery of the middle initial "D". He is from PA, I believe born and raised there, and currently studying in NYC. I can easily get simple information that is openly available, along the lines of what is on a license or what I can ask without raising suspicion (considering that he will have some idea we are trying to find his middle name.) I looked at PA Birth Certificates but I would have to commit too much fraud to do that.

I also have someone talking to mutual PA acquaintances, but I don't know if that will pan out or if he was already doing the secret middle name thing in PA, so I want to explore more avenues.
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The (online) student directory of wherever he's studying is a good place to start.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but, there isn't one except for Facebook, where he didn't put a middle name.
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I don't know how things are done in PA, but when I had to do a bit of the old stalking, I found that while birth certificates took a few hoops to get, birth records were on microfiche at the local library, available for anyone to view as a matter of public record. Failing that, and also at the library, if you know the birthday and place of birth, you could go through the births section of the newspapers in the archives.
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This was easier in the days before cellphones. One just had to wait for a parent/grandparent to call.

I suggest when you find out what it is that you have fun with it.
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Often, local newspapers print class rosters of graduating high school students, with full formal names. A Nexis search for First w/2 Last in PA papers might could turn it up.
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E-mail me, and I can possibly tell you what it is.
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Baptism certificates, church registries. If the person is associated with it. Asking parents.
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