Where to stay in the LA area?
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Where are some good, specific areas to stay in LA for a two-day visit?

Visiting LA May 26-28 and need some specific areas to look for a hotel. I know certain parts of LA, but searching for hotels and trying to remember at which point Crenshaw turns evil or if Sepulveda is lined with hookers is stumping me. I'll be acting as tour guide for a couple of folks and we will be visiting most of the usual touristy spots, except theme parks.

Budget is in the low $100s per night, so Bel Air is out. But, we have a car, so we don't mind driving from one end of LA to the other. I would especially love very specific street names or areas that would be good for me to look for hotels in and around. Also, specifics to stay away from are equally appreciated.
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Hmmmmm.... I used to live in the area near the Extended Stay America near where Sepulveda, Centinela and Jefferson come together, near Fox Hills Mall (and I think maybe across the street from Dinah's diner). Short drive from LAX, close to Venice Beach, not too far from South Bay, Hollyweird, Westwood or Santa Monica. The hotel itself is kind of a suite version of a Motel 6- low end construction, but pretty roomy (I've stayed there). You could keep food there and do some of your own cooking if that appeals to you. I've also stayed at the Embassy Suites LAX North and South... they're a little pricier but include a kick-ass breakfast (cooked to order free with the room) and free happy hour. Our company pays about $100/night for those, but I'm not sure how that will work out for a private individual.
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Best answer: Check out The Farmers Daughter hotel. It's hip, but more Budget Living hip than W. Hotel chic. The Farmer's Daughter is on Fairfax, across the street from the Farmer's Market area (which is near The Grove -- not that you came to LA to visit a Banana Republic, but it is a popular local within the city.).

There's also a little-known hotel nearby (this is all my 'hood, that's why I know) called The Wilshire Crest. It's no-frills (think Super 8), but Trip Advisor seems to like the place.

IMO, the Farmer's Market area is a great place to call home during a short stay. Numerous attractions within walking distance -- the Tar Pits, the LA County Museum of Art, and The Farmer's Market are three popular LA destinations accessible by foot, so long as you stay between La Cienega and La Brea (North/South streets), and between Beverly and Wilshire (East/West streets). Hollywood's only 10 minutes away, and so long as you don't drive during rush hour, you can be in Santa Monica in 20 minutes.

However, if you're a beach person, then I'd search for places to stay in Santa Monica.
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I second the Farmer's Daughter. Great vaguely centralized location... well, as far as anything can be said to be "central" here.
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My parents stayed at the Farmer's Daughter a few years ago and had no complaints. It's near West Hollywood and not far from Beverly Hills. I live near the Centinela/Jefferson/Sepulveda confluence - it's not far from the ocean, and very close to the 405 freeway.

You wouldn't go wrong with either location.
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Farmer's Market is a cool area fer shur, dood. And it's not that far from Santa Monica/Venice/Marina del Rey. When my son was a week old, we took him on his first outing to Farmer's Market (he goes to college this fall).
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I stayed at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn about two years ago. I was impressed.
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The Standard Downtown is f@&#ing cool, and the rooftop bar's an experience in itself. The website claims they have rooms starting at $99....
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We stayed at the Farmer's Daughter and liked it a lot, esp. for the price. Pool is tiny, but there is a pool! Only complaint is that for some reason there are no dressers. Plenty of closet space, though, and cute rooms. Location cannot be beat. Clean and well-run.
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