Help me choose barebones Windows hosting
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What is a good bare-bones hosting for ASP.NET / IIS 7 / SQL Server? This is for someone who's just messing around.

I am in the process of selecting a new hosting provider. My needs have changed, and I am now seeking a hosting provider that would support Windows IIS 7 and allow me to code in ASP.NET in conjunction with SQL Server. I'd need support for 2 domains at a minimum (option to add more would be great). I am not looking to pay a lot - I don't require 24/7 service guarantees or all that jazz.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I've used 1&1 and they were fine for my purposes (at the time, no need for any Windows support). I also used webfaction for my Ruby hosting needs, but they are too expensive for my personal-mess-around site.

I looked into ASP Spider, and even registered for an account with them, but they are too restrictive for my needs. I may still use them in tandem but they don't allow any commercial sites (I have one commercial -- in dev -- will switch to something reliable later, basically a sandbox FTM; one personal).

I am comfortable coding in other languages, but due to some work-related stuff I'm working on improving my Windows skillz in the aforementioned technologies.

Thanks in advance for your advice, and happy holidays.
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What you probably want is a VPS. You basically get a virtual machine and root access, and you can do whatever you like with it, including shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. I can't recommend a specific provider (I have a Linode account, but they're linux only), but this is a good way to shed the shackles of shared hosting without taking on too much risk.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your response, kianawa. Good food for thought!

At a glance, VPS looks really expensive. But is this almost certainly the way to go given my desire to run ASP.NET apps using IIS and SQL Server? I may need to rethink this :o)
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If you're doing .NET MVC coding, you really need to go VPS- shared servers have huge problems with wildcard mappings needed for the url routing to work right.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice, all. I could really use some seems I have grossly underestimated the complexity of Windows hosting. I am have a new-found respect for my sysadmins at work.

jenkinsEar, I don't believe I'd be coding using MVC (never have before), but good to keep that in mind. When you speak of wildcard mappings, is that an MVC-only thing?

So, would you guys:
  1. Advise me to steer clear for the big chain name hosts for Windows hosting? My max budget is probably $15/month, for perspective.
  2. Or, would you recommend I just keep on keeping on with my .NET coding and buy me some cheap non-Windows hosting to code in a different language (probably CSS/HTML/jQuery/JavaScript/whatever I feel like)?
Again, I'm just looking for a sandbox here. I've got a machine that begs to be set up as a server, but my ISP (the big V) prohibits it. Sadly, changing ISPs to one that would allows this isn't really an option where I live.

Thanks again for any and all advice, and for sticking with me, here.
Merry Christmas to all (or happy holidays, anyhow)!
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