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My mother is interested in "Daily Affirmation"-style websites and is looking for some new ones.

She's not especially religious, so she's looking more for just a daily dose of inspiration/wisdom/uplift. Blogs about overcoming illness, depression, or adversity would be good too; the most important criteria is that the content of the site changes frequently and that the overall thematic direction of the site is positive and life-affirming. (Irony, sarcasm, and dark humor won't really fly.) Please don't suggest any site that will try to sell her something.

Being an ironic, sarcastic, and darkly humorous person myself, I don't really have a clue about where to start looking.

Thanks everyone!
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Best answer: I like some of the Tao Te Ching as being general enough in a fortune cookie-like way that I can sort of read what I want into it. Not strictly affirming, but good things to think about. This Daily Tao [there are many of them] has a spare design, daily changing content and no sales pitches. This sort of thing is what more of the affirmation sites are like, she can get something delivered to her inbox daily if that's helpful.
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Best answer: Again not exactly affirming, but I've found these sites to be pretty happiness-inducing: The Happiness Project and 1000 Awesome Things
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Response by poster: I thought there'd be more! Maybe I was too specific (or maybe MetaFilterians as a whole are just too ironic for affirmation). Thanks jessamyn and Awkward Pause!
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Best answer: My favorite--Daily Word from Unity.
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Best answer: Excuse the old-school design: The Daily Motivator -"A brief, daily message of motivation and personal development, with an archive of more than 3,500 previous messages."
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Best answer: Oooh! I've got one!

I love Notes from the Universe. Sometimes they are humorous, but never dark.

To give you an idea of the tone, here's the one I got this morning:

"Have you noticed, Jenny, that sadness in your life has never, ever, not even once, lasted?

It's impossible.


The Universe"
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I'll send these along too.
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I like Shakti Gawain and am not normal into that type of thing. Worth a read and the books are good as well.
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Not directly responsive but I recently acquired for myself the 2011 Keep Calm and Carry On one-a-day desk calendar – it is not a website, but is otherwise responsive to your query.
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