Scan of Designers in Playboy July 1961
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I need a high-quality scan of this photo from Playboy's July 1961 issue.

I'm going to use it to make a decal for my 17" Macbook Pro wherein Jonathan Ive (Senior VP of Industrial Design of Apple, Inc.) will be holding the glowing apple in the center, with the other designers flanking him.

Somebody here has got to have a stash of old Playboys (that may or may not still be under your mattress) and a scanner. The higher quality the scan, the better. I'll even settle for a photograph of the page, if somebody can get it.

(and just for fun, here is the full article to accompany the image in Playboy.)
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A photograph of the page will look just terrible; if you're making a statement about design, going that route will counterproductive. Online there's this, but it may be the same scan as yours, just blown up.

DWR seems to use this image in all of its stores, blown up really big; you could go with a camera a take a photo and use that, perhaps?
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You can usually buy old issues of different magazines on eBay and then scan them yourself. I wanted a copy of a particular photograph from Life magazine, and that's how I got it.
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July 1961 seems to be bit rarer than the other months. The other months are all available for individual purchase on eBay, but not July.

You could wait until it comes up, or buy the complete set from 1961.
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Or maybe buy the harddrive?
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Somebody here has got to have a stash of old Playboys

Keep in mind this is actually a 50 year old magazine at this point, and the people who bought it are your grandparents.

There are actually PDF collections of Playboy scans out there on the torrent sites, but I didn't see this particular issue anywhere. Just May 1961 which wouldn't help you.
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There was this post on the blue last year. I don't have silverlight, so I don't know whether it includes your issue or not, or whether the quality will be any good. Both seem unlikely, but it might be worth a look.
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Best answer: Many libraries have a collection of old Playboys. Use interlibrary loan to get a copy.
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