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What was the origin of the 1980s catch phrase, "Thank you, master, for the buzz?"

I vaguely remember hearing it in a video game commercial.
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Did you Google it? The comment highlighted in this result makes it sound like something from an MTV commercial:
Made me think of laying around listening to the Pumpkins, Belly, the Breeders, Pearl Jam, and, of course, Nirvana...which, in turn, makes me think of some of the MTV "buzz clip" commercials that aired during this era...I will always remember this one in particular that had clips of "Today" by the Pumpkins, "Cannonball" by the Breeders, and "Gepetto" by Belly....among others...."Thank you, master, for the buzz!"
There are a few of the "buzz clip" videos up on YouTube, but not that particular one. Google Video and Retrojunk don't have it either.
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Maybe dialogue from The Last Dragon? If it's an eighties catch phrase, then the timing would be right.
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I don't really remember this being much of a catchphrase in the 80s, but it rings a vague bell as perhaps being a song lyric. I think the play is on the frat-paddling thing where the victim is supposed to say "Thank you, master" after each slap.
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