Identify the music in this trailer
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Does anyone know if the music in the English trailer for The Girl Who Played With Fire is original to the film, or if it was pilfered from somewhere else? SLYT
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It sounds like a eerily plagaristic homage to Clubbed to Death from the Matrix Soundtrack.
posted by TheOtherGuy at 1:20 AM on December 21, 2010

Definitely sounds like Clubbed to Death or maybe Furious Angels (both from the Matrix soundtrack).

Not QUITE close enough to be sued, but close.
posted by mmoncur at 1:22 AM on December 21, 2010

This appears to be the soundtrack.

This is the only song that I can find from it.

It's not the one you're looking for, but there's some distinct similarities in the rhythm.

It's by Jacob Groth (2 links.)
posted by Ahab at 2:26 AM on December 21, 2010

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