Need a stronger Keurig coffee
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I've had the mini Keurig for about a year and I've tried various k-cup coffee brands and flavors. I haven't found a brand or flavor that is strong enough for me. It seems like after I add a bit of cream to my coffee, I can't taste the coffee or the flavor. I love the keurig machine, its quick and I'm the only one in family that drinks coffee. Any k-cup brands suggestions?
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I like the Green Mountain k-cups. I usually buy whatever their seasonal blend is.

Another idea would be using refillable k-cups, where you can use your own ground coffee in nthe Keurig. I havens used them, but they could be a solution for you.
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Try the Extra Bold ones. Any k-cup with an extra bold designation means it has more coffee in it, which I think helps make the flavor stronger. I settled on the Newman brand Bold Special Blend.

BTW, I started drinking my coffee black after getting a Keurig. Maybe I was noticing the same thing as you, that the cream was sapping the flavor? I also use the smallest water setting too.

Love my Keurig, although I hate the waste.
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I'm going to second the "My KCup" suggestion. They're a little more fuss in the morning, but it's soooooo nice being able to use my own flavor/roast/grind.
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The Mr. and I really like the Emeril Big & Bold blend. It seems like it holds up the best against creamer.
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Your solution might be brewing two K-cups on a small cup setting instead of one on a larger setting (if you have a Keurig that supports multiple sizes, that is.)
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Coffee People's Jet Fuel works well in the office, here.
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Using less water makes the coffee stronger. If you really like fresh-ground coffee, I don't think the K-cups will suffice. I've yet to have a great cup of coffee, but it's what we use at work, and I've yet to have an awful cup, either, so it balances out. You can get a filter to use in the Keurig, and use freshly-ground coffee. The other factor with making good coffee is getting the water hot enough, and it seems to do that just fine.
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I don't really like any of the K-Cups so I, too, use a My Cup. It doesn't take long at all, maybe an extra ten seconds to scoop ground coffee into the cup.

Totally worth it.
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I like strong coffee too. At work we used to have a Keurig w/ multiple cup size selections. Instead of a single 12oz cup, I'd usually use two k-cups for each mug of coffee, one set at the espresso setting (4oz) and one for 8oz.

If you're the only one if the house that drinks coffee, you might want to consider a small french press or a small drip machine (I had a 4 cup Mr Coffee that was perfect for one person), might not be as convenient but you have infinitely more options in terms of buying the coffee you like and making it as strong or weak as you desire.
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We get one of Green Mountains "Extra Bold" series-- Double Black Diamond is relatively tasty, IMO.
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Agree with devbrain. Coffee People's Jet Fuel is about as strong as it gets in K-Cups. Their Black Tiger and Wake Up Call are also worth a try. Their Organic is not quite as strong but is my daily K-cuppa.
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I find the Coffee People and Green Mountain extra bold k-cups to taste "harsh" rather than "strong". I like the various bold and extra-bold Timothy's cups as they taste more like a normal dark-roasted coffee rather than like gas-station coffee that's been brewing in the pot for 12 hours. My personal favourite is the "Rainforest Espresso".
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