Roman religion/ Dionysius
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I'm looking for some good websites with information on ancient Roman and/or Greek religion. Information on Dionysius- cult, temples, etc.- would be even better. Thanks.
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Did you search Wikipedia?
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Although if you're doing this for a school project, Wikipedia and other web sources are likely not the best sources to use. I'd head down to your friendly local public library and look up information the old-fashioned way...
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The secondary sources on Perseus might help you get started. They're often out of date, but nearly all are online versions of standard reference works, so you can cite them without too much guilt.

Better yet, buy a copy of Burkert's Greek Religion.
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Robert Graves: The Greek Myths would be one of the absolute bog-standard texts in the field.

I'd check Betachat's suggestion first, though, as he seems to be one hell of an expert on religious matters.
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There are numerous online copies of Frazer's Golden Bough. He has an entire chapter on the Dionysus myth.

While the work is in some ways out of date, it's also considered by many to be one of the foundations of modern anthropology.

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When I did Hellenistic religion in college, the two main texts were Simon Price's Religions of the Ancient Greeks and John Ferguson's Religions of the Roman Empire. Both have material on Dionysos and the various other figures with which he as identified (e.g., Liber-Dionysos).
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This site ‘dealing with classical mystery religions, focusing on the Orphic, Bacchic and Elusinian mysteries’ looks like a good resource.
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This too, is a good source of many, many pantheons and their belief systems.
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