Which offline iPad apps can I spend empty time on?
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Which free, offline iPad apps might be considered to be either useful or whimsically amusing ways of spending time?

Tomorrow, I'm travelling several hundred miles to visit family in an outlying, secluded location. There are no phone lines or possibilities for Net access that far out, but there is electricity. I'll be there for over a week, and apart from conversation with family members (which will likely be infrequent) my only recourse to entertainment is my iPad.

Due to logistical problems, I'm only taking the one backpack, so carrying books/games/other amusements is not practical.

I've already got about three hundred of my favourite books downloaded into my faithful 'Pad, but aside from reading, which other iPad apps would you recommend as being insightful/educational/interesting/amusing?
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The choose-your-own path adventures from Choice of Games discussed in this thread are fun with a lot of re playability. There are a couple free in the Apple store and a few more for a few bucks each. I haven't played them on the iPad, but they work fine on the iPod Touch.
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For amusement and total wasting of time, you can't beat Angry Birds.
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I think Magic Fiddle is great for this.
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Pictureka for the iPad is on sale for 99 cents right now. I have fun playing it by myself and collaboratively. It's fairly challenging, as long as you agree not to start smashing your fingers all over the screen at random...
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Sounddrop is whimsically amusing.
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Yahtzee Adventures! The classic game + a few clever variants. Also $0.99 at the moment.
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The elements is a pretty great educational timekiller. I can also recommend putting movies an episodes of shows on there, as well as audiobooks.
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TEDTalks too.
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