Stubborn drain clog, help!
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Got a clogged sink tried several methods with no luck - rather not call a plumber, any ideas?

So the SO dumped ~2 gallons of water pearls down the kitchen sink and it clogged. I've tried hot water, a drain auger/snake and a blow bag attached to a kitchen hose with no luck.

The problem is that the pearls turn into a thick gel when packed together and the auger just pushes through it. Also, it doesn't help when about 5 feet of pipe is clogged. The blow bag didn't have enough pressure to get through. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to clear this clog?
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Try one of those blaster plungers? Otherwise I guess I'd just pour in a bunch of draino.
posted by sanka at 8:39 PM on December 18, 2010

Open up the trap or failing that the cleanout and manually remove them as much as possible.
posted by ssg at 8:40 PM on December 18, 2010

maybe open up the trap and see if you can suck it out with a wet dri vac?
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Best answer: Wikipedia says sodium chloride can liquefy it, so try dumping a bunch of salt in there?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions.

Plunger was the first thing I tried. The trap has been removed and I've been working under the sink. The clog is at least 15 feet down the drain. (My auger is 25 foot) but isn't doing much but pushing through the gel.
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Response by poster: Tried the wet dry vac, but mine is really weak and can't get a tight seal.

I will try dumping salt down, thanks!
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Get a cylinder of carbon dioxide with a hose that can handle it, seal that up to the pipe with duct tape or a wet rag or whatever, and blast it out.
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Try Liquid Plumber before calling a professional (although salt first sounds like a good plan, if that research is correct).
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1 cup of Borax and a pot of boiling water after it. Works a charm! If you don't have Borax, try liquid dishwashing detergent (like Dawn), then the boiling water.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, salt + hot water worked - I used to auger to agitate the clogged gel while pouring it down and it worked!
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