How much can I expect to spend on 1 week of skiing in Vail, CO?
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How much can I expect to spend on 1 week of skiing in Vail, CO?

I've been invited to join on a ski trip to Vail this February where we have a free place to stay complete with kitchen. I've never been skiing before, and I have no idea what typical rates are for equipment rental and lessons, least of all near a world class resort. Word is that a one week pass will run about $500. How much can I expect to pay for equipment rental and enough lessons to get started? Are there any other expenses I should plan on?
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Food, drink, gas, car rental, plane ticket, etc.

Vail is a very expensive place to ski and be a tourist because its attracts the wealthy.

Here's a quick link to a ski lesson site for Vail.
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If you go, do all of your food shopping in Denver. Vail can sustain lots of fancy restaurants, but you'll have a harder time finding a grocery store.
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For the skiing, since you are a beginner, try a group package of lessons and lift tickets. They have a 3 day pass (lessons and lift tickets) for $465.

You may want to try out lessons for one day and figure out what your stamina will be before you commit to a multi-day package. Skiing is tiring if you're not used to it.
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If you have availability of a car, grocery shopping down in Minturn ain't bad at all - that's where all the poor illegal immigrants who clean the hotels in Vail live.
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to save money, try as hard as you can not to buy anything in vail. Bring as much equipment as you can, including renting elsewhere, buy food to cook at home. Bring lunch to the resort (pbj in a pocket is a good way to go).
Also the lift tickets are cheaper online in advance than in person at the ticket counter.
Good luck, hope you catch the bug.
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oh, i was just there and there's a safeway in vail, no need to grocery shop in denver.
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Figure $140 a day for equipment and lift tickets. Lunch on the mountain probably $20 a day or so. Eat breakfast and lunch at your place - you can go broke eating out every day. If you get a beginner lesson (levels 1-3) generally they throw in lift tix for free.
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From my buddy Stephen who lives there:

"If you are staying in Vail, you are looking at $300-400 a night roughly on hotel plus $28 a night for valet parking. Lift tickets run according to season. Right now they are $99 a day but you can get discounted tickets if you purchase for multiple days. There are no discounted tickets at little shops no matter what the sign outside the store says. Then you are looking at $30 a day for rentals unless you rent in a town like Frisco beforehand at a price of $20-25 a day depending on the package you get. The lift tickets can be purchased here

The real kicker is going to be your food. Under no circumstance should you eat on the mountain. You will spend $8 on a hot dog with no drink or fries. Pack your lunch and eat at a picnic table outside with incredible views at any of the lodges. There is a safeway grocery store at the last vail exit 173. Also, dont eat at a fast food chain like McDonalds because you get charged 25 cents per sauce packet."
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You might also want to check to see how many days you'll actually be skiing since skiing seven days straight can be quite taxing. You might be able to get a pass for fewer days and save some money that way.
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