Movie with Inuit boy with TB?
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Movie identification filter: Inuit boy, tuberculosis, WWII, Paris, hot-air balloon ride. Not "The Necessities of Life".

My brother is trying to remember a movie. I've tried googling but I only find "The Necessities of Life" and he insists it's not that. The main character is a young Inuit boy removed from his village to a hospital due to Tuberculosis. He befriends a girl there but is separated from her, maybe due to his ethnicity. He is in WWII where his plane is shot down. Post-war the two meet in Paris where they ride on top (?) of a hot-air balloon.
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Best answer: Map of the Human Heart?
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Response by poster: Six minutes! AskMeFi rarely disappoints on movie identification.
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But if that's it I think it's London, not Paris.
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