Good program/script/anything to organize movie downloads on OS X Mac?
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Looking for suggestions for how to automate the process of tagging/renaming downloaded movie files on a Macbook so that they're not long strings of technical nonsense.

Some background:
I've been using the excellent tvnamer utility for a while now to organize my tv downloads from Usenet on my Mac. tvnamer takes care of renaming all my files so that the filenames are easily readable by humans. Example "" becomes "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [6x12] - Dee Has a Baby.avi". It accomplishes this by comparing information in the original filename to an online database of TV show information. Additionally, tvnamer will also move these files to my NAS under the appropriate folder (ex. TV > Always Sunny > Season 6)

What I'm looking for:
What I'm looking for is a similar tool/utility/app/script that can be used for movies. This would be something that parses the filename, determines what movie it is, then renames it accordingly. For example turning "Unstoppable.2010.R5.V2.LiNE.AC3.XViD-iNK" into just something like "Unstoppable 2010". Bonus points if it can automatically organize the movies into some useful folder structre (by year released or something), but all I really would like is the renaming.

Not looking for any suggestions on scripts to write myself, just searching for existing solutions.
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A Better Finder Rename can do most of what you want, including replacing dots with spaces and truncating ends or beginnings of filenames. It isn’t limited to movie files.
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I've been using theRenamer. Unfortunately it's Windows only, but runs fine for me on VMWare.
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