Is there a schedule of forthcoming books?
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I have a number of favourite authors - who I would buy books from - on spec - so I'm keen to know when their next work is coming out. Is there a site that tracks 'forthcoming' I can plan ahead?
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Harper Collins, at least, lets you subscribe to individual authors' lists, so you get email when they have books coming out or events like tours or interviews on tv or radio. Theirs is called AuthorTracker and you just search for your author and then click on "AuthorTracker" on the author's bio page. I bet other publishers have similar things, but I've never checked.
It might be harder with smaller publishers.
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I sometimes look up authors I like on's advanced book search and select the "after the year ____" option to see if anything new is forthcoming. I don't know of a place where one can track things, though.
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I don't remember how you do it, but you can have Amazon notify you whenever author X has a new book out. I get these updates for a couple authors I'm interested in.
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The authors' web pages.

If they're SF/F books, then Locus's forthcoming books page.
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