Where can I find ridiculously edgy haircut photos online?
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Help me find photos of awesome, crazy, asymmetrical, nontraditional, etc haircuts for women with long hair. For a point of reference, I'm looking for something along the lines of the work at WIP Hairport.

Mopshots was okay for a while, but it got to be pretty conservative in style and then completely disappeared. I've looked for some other sites or Flickr streams that specialize in edgy haircut photos but too many of them are just ho-hum or downright outdated.

Important: I am not interested in magazines or books.
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Are you looking websites that feature these haircuts, or just the haircuts in general? Because Emily Brodsky's haircut was pretty crazy (and long!) when I saw her at an Amanda Palmer concert...
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Response by poster: I would prefer web sites containing regularly-updated photo collections of said 'cuts so that I can refer to them for lots of future ideas. Individual suggestions are also good, thanks!
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Mad Rad Hair
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Weird haircuts for women with long hair seems a contradiction in terms. Have you checked the various long-long hair sites?
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It's not really a stream, but: Bizarre Animal Hair Hats
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There are some hairdressers that showcase their work on flickr -- some of the wedding dos that i saw were pretty incredible.
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Response by poster: To clarify, by "long hair" I just mean below the shoulders at the longest part. Not like quiverful fundamentalist long thick locks to the butt.

CRACKING UP at the animal hair hats. Wow!
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I always rather liked this hair style.
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I remember seeing a bunch from a "Hair Style Awards" site that had a bunch. I can't find the same one, but googling that phrase brought up this site. There's a few long hair styles on there.
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Ah, that's just a photographer's site, sorry. Here are more stylist awards from the Contessas, which are what those photos are from. I can't find the site I saw originally, but you can look at different years on the link above. Click the little photos to bring up more.

I don't know why the photos are so small. Design awards, people. Put up big photos.
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