Pretty necklace!
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Can you help me find jewelry like these two pieces?

I like this bracelet and this necklace but I find the website difficult to navigate, and it appears to be some kind of vaguely scammy club type thing, which I don't want to join.

Anyway. Can anyone point me to a place that sells pieces similar to these two? Preferably online, and I gotta say--I like the $30 price at jewelmint.

(I should add, the necklace is on a fairly long chain, which isn't visible in that picture, and it's one of the things I like about it.)

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: What do you specifically like about the bracelet? Is it that it's a cluster? Are you particularly attached to the bells? White House Black Market has some bracelets in a similar style, but I didn't notice any with bells. I usually find their jewelry to be pretty well made for the price point.

Just Googling around for "bells bracelet," I found this on what looks like an Etsy-esque site.
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And I forgot to link to WH|BM.
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Response by poster: Oh, I should have added--I know nothing about jewelry, so if you know certain search terms for these pieces, could you let me know those?
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Response by poster: katillathehun--I like the cluster-y-ness of the bracelet, along with the sort of tarnished look it has.
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Try Etsy - a search for "silver bells bracelet" brings up a few similar pieces.

The necklace will probably be more difficult to find, but you could try a few different searches, or try their "Alchemy" feature - where you describe what you would like someone to make, and crafty people place "bids" to make it.
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Best answer: I found some similar things on etsy (like this, this, this, this and this) by searching for variations of "long geometric necklace" and "silver cluster bracelet". I don't know of any really specific terms for the kind of thing you linked to, but you can find a lot with general descriptives like those.
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Best answer: For the bracelet, try a search for "silver bracelet" and "ghungroo." The design you've linked looks like it's inspired by Indian/Pakistani silver bracelets.
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