Please help Santa to find a way to the X'mas stocking
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My daughter came home from her Christmas party with a bag of treats, including a mini book of puzzles. I'd like help solving/identifying one of them.

The level of difficulty for everything else in this book was low--connect-the-dots to 100, empty tic-tac-toe grids, and "Which snowman is different?" This puzzle, however, has me (and my friends) stumped.

Are we overthinking this? Should Santa simply fly over to path F and be done with it? I hope that's not the case, and that it's a puzzle type I haven't seen before, but googling for ladder/maze/puzzle/path variants hasn't yielded anything. If this is helpful in determining the puzzle's object, the book was printed in China, and has enough syntax issues that I think it may have been written there, as well.

Thanks for your help! I just keep staring at it like a dog watching golf on TV.
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I feel like I've played an online version of this puzzle before - if I remember correctly, you start at a letter and always move in the direction of the arrow, but if you reach a rung you have to move across it.

So I would say the solution is to start at C.
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Mudgirl's got it; I've seen the same puzzle in WarioWare for the DS. Bizarre that they didn't include the directions.
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I vote with muddgirl.
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[comment removed - do not be jerks about Santa.]
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Yup, muddgirl has it.
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Hah! My son showed me this very thing yesterday, and I couldn't figure it out, either. We thought it was The World's Worst Maze. Thanks for explaining how it works!
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Who has the biggest brain? a facebook and iphone game has problems like this. Unfortunately their demo video doesn't show it.
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It looks like Ghost Leg.
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