Examples of good online timelines?
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What are some good examples of timelines you've seen online? Bonus points for those that aren't flash based. We're looking at creating a timeline covering approximately two hundred years in about fifty pictures with captions. Give us some design inspiration before the Holidays.
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Just because someone had to:
xkcd's Lord of the Rings narrative timeline.
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It's pretty simple design, but I'm rather fond of the submarine history timeline. There are two or three more that follow on from the end of that one - links at the bottom.
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Javascript one from Good Magazine about Prop 8
Flash one from MacDowell Colony (not the most user friendly, but I imagine this is the look you're going for?)
Fancy one about breakfast cereals
Flash one from BBC about British history
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Heilbrunn timeline of art history
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Apple history, created with Capzles
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Here is one on British history
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Minard's map of Napoleon's Russian campaign may not quite be a timeline, since it sort of conflates time and location, but it is a classic of information visualisation and still studied in university-level viz courses.
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This isn't a timeline strictly speaking, but it's the same concept (and an awesome presentation): Atlantis
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I did an interesting timeline for a New York Architecture exhibition in PHP/Wordpress and Javascript/JQuery. Draggable, editable via WP, with links in each cell to edit.

New New York 2010 (click on "the city we imagined" link)
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Simile Timeline
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