Where can I get boxes for truffles, today?
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Where can I find cardboard boxes of the kind used for chocolate truffles, in New York City, today?

I'm selling chocolate truffles at the Lyceum craft fair tomorrow. I ordered some boxes, but my larger boxes did not arrive because they were back-ordered, which I didn't notice (or they didn't tell me, I'm not sure which). Anyway, I need cardboard boxes of a size that would hold at least ten but no more than twenty truffles -- maybe 5"x5". Any idea where I could get them? I'm in Prospect Heights but will take the subway anywhere. Plain boxes are fine; I don't need the little inserts, as I have foil cups to put the truffles in.
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Container Store, on 6th and, what, 20th?

If that doesn't work, there's NY Cake and Baking around the corner.
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Best answer: There's a Michael's on the Upper West Side or check this page for a big list of places in NYC where Wilton products (which probably include such boxes) are sold. (Note the first item on the list is NY Cake and Baking that Admiral Haddock suggested.)
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Another vote for NY Cake and Baking. I'd make that my first stop.
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Best answer: Michael's or AC Moore. I actually just bough some from the AC Moore in Queens this past Sunday so I know they have them there.
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Yeah, NY Cake and Baking is definitely your best bet. It's on 22nd just east of 6th and they will have boxes in every imaginable size.
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