Photo scanning service near Altadena, CA?
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Photo scanning service near Altadena, CA?

A relative has asked for a scanner so that she can scan her photos. I've spent enough time scanning photos to not wish such a thing on anyone, so I would like to help get her photos scanned professionally.

She lives in Altadena, which according to Yelp has no decent services like this. I'm in a different state, so it really needs to be someplace that she can easily take her photos.

Most of her pictures are prints, so that's the main requirement, but if they do slides as well that would be a nice bonus.

Anyone have a recommendation?
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Best answer: Green St. photolab in Pasadena
1030 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91106
Neighborhood: Pasadena
(626) 796-7936
Owner Operated Full Service LAB
The last full service lab in Pasadena.
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Response by poster: Green Street is what I was thinking of when I said no decent services according to Yelp. I know that "according to Yelp" is a pretty lousy qualifier, but I haven't seen anything else steering me toward or against it. If you have personal experience, please give it!
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Best answer: Yelp, schmelp. The people posting on there have no idea what's good and what's not. It's a family owned independent lab. They might be too expensive for the scanning she has in mind, but they're very highly thought of.
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I highly doubt there are many local places (anywhere) worth considering. I would recommend ScanCafe is near everyone since they are online (and actually located in some far away land where human time is cheaper). Pricing is great, service is great.
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