The 1968 conventions
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Recently a college radio station here played a recording of a man recounting the story of the 1968 United States presidential election in a quasi-biblical radio-preacher style. Please help me find this recording.

You know the sort of thing I'm talking about — lots of "and so it came to pass in those days," etc. The speaker recounted in some detail the events of the Republican and Democratic conventions. The only specific part I remember was a bit about how the Republican powers that be considered and rejected as their nominee Romney the Rambler, "for his brain had become wet."

The radio station in question plays some Pacifica content, so it is possible that this was part of a Pacifica program.

Does anyone know what the source of this recording is, and where I can find a copy?
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Best answer: The source was a very slim white paperback book (which I used to have) called The Begatting of the President. Orson Welles made a record of it, which I think you can hear here.
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