Do you own Creative's D100 or D200 wireless Bluetooth speakers?
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Do you own Creative's D100 or D200 wireless Bluetooth speakers? You do? What's the sound quality like? Would you recommend them?

I want to buy wireless Bluetooth speakers to use in the same room with my MacBook Pro, and Creative's D100 and D200 speakers are in my price range. Thing is, I'm worried the sound quality won't be much better than my MBP speakers. From what I can gather from reviews online these products sound "all right" for the price, and I'm not expecting to be blown away. But it'd be nice to hear from some folks who own, and are very happy with either the D100 or D200 units.
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I just got in the D100's. They are not earth shatteringly awesome, but on par with what I'd expect out of a $79-$100 iPod speaker dock. Not a ton of bass, pretty flat sounding to me. They do sound better than the built in speakers of the MacBook Pro, at least to me.

I tested them with my iPhone, playing medium to high bit rate MP3 files. I was never more than 10 feet from the speaker, so I don't know if sound quality starts to degrade farther away.

I bought them from NewEgg for like $55 on sale. MSRP is $99.
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I ordered the D200's today. I'll try and remember to come back and post a review of the differences.
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Best answer: D200's arrived. A very nice upgrade from the D100. I'd recommend these instead. NewEgg has them for $99. More bass, richer sound, in about the same size footprint. They will NOT run off batteries, and if I'm not mistaken the D100 does.

I'm so impressed I'm now looking at the Inspire S2 Wireless set by Creative, which are two speakers + a subwoofer. NewEgg for $129, but currently out of stock.

Hope this has helped.
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