Sloan, Jim. "Render Safe." Reno Gazette-Journal ???: ???-???.
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Does anyone know how I can get this article from the Reno Gazette-Journal about the Harvey's Lake Tahoe bombing, for free? You can access the depreciated site here, but the links and images are all dead. I searched on their archives, but it looks like you need to buy all the parts of the article separately.
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Check with a library that might have the newspaper on microfilm, or that could borrow the same via inter-library loan.

Looking at the paper's online archives, there are numerous articles related to the incident on Aug 28, 2005 in pages numbered "A.1," "A.11," etc.
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A public library might also subscribe to a web-based service (e.g., Factiva, LexisNexis) that will serve archived articles to their patrons. Might be worth a call to a local public library reference desk to see if you can access any of them remotely.
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I just checked LexisNexis and they don't archive the RGJ. They have a brief (200-word) wire article from the Washington Post, 1980, and they have a longer article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal from 2005. I'd be happy to send you either of those.
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Best answer: jstef, I sent you a MeMail with a link to the text, but the images are only thumbnails.
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Best answer: Thanks to two users who went out of their way for me!

cgc373 sent me a copy of the plaintext!
zepheria scanned all 8 days from microfilm and PDFed them to me!

And thanks for the offer mudpuppie, but I wanted this article in particular.

I would like to pay it forward, so if anyone ever needs the text, MeMail me!
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