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Would anyone confirm or deny that the Vodafone store in the Dublin airport is still there? And you can buy a pay-as-you-go phone for around $50 American? And it's near the arrival hall?

In my googling I saw one thing that said it was gone and some reviews from 2007. I couldn't find anything current or on Vodafone's website.

I know you can buy them in a lot of places, but I'm trying to make a simple travel itinerary for someone I know, having never been there myself.
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Vodafone Ireland's store locator doesn't show one in the airport.

This map of Terminal 1 Arrivals shows a 'Global SIM' shop, which sounds like it only sells SIM cards. If you have a phone that works internationally, you should be able to swap a local SIM in. Pretty sure you won't get a phone in the airport itself though. There are stacks of places selling PAYG phones in central Dublin though, if your friend is passing through.
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Response by poster: Erg. Thanks for your help. I suppose he can get one once he reaches the destination town or maybe he'll feel like wandering around Dublin. Having the phone at the airport would have been super convenient.
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Response by poster: Okay, how about places to get a Vodafone in or within a block of the Dublin Connolly train station?
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On the store locator, there's a Carphone Warehouse at 8 North Earl St, just off Talbot St and about a 5 minute walk from Connoly. They will do Vodafone PAYG as well as other networks.
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Response by poster: Cool thank you!
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